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Status Report: August 8

Well, moving was a stressful, week-long process that finally came to end on Sunday. If you saw my Instagram post from yesterday then you know that a lot of that stress came from the different problem-solving methods that my ex and I have (reminder: I am still living with my ex). But it is all… Continue reading Status Report: August 8

Debt Management

5 Ways I’m Not Spending

Preparation, preparation, preparation! As the saying goes, "Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance." And with that: I. Am. Not. Spending. Money. This. Weekend.  Friday's are always hard for me, because my friends like to go out and drink downtown. It is fun hanging out and meeting new people, but even having one or two drinks can be… Continue reading 5 Ways I’m Not Spending


Changes to Life & Budget

Well it seems I posted too early with my July Update / August Goals. So, let's get into to nitty-gritty details. My boyfriend and I broke-up. I am pretty bummed, but I'm focused on moving on and not letting myself miss any opportunities by retreating into a sad daze. The toughest aspect of all this is the… Continue reading Changes to Life & Budget

Debt Management

Debt Snowball: Status Update

I have been throwing my money in multiple directions recently. It's been fine so far, because all I see is the total debt amount decrease. However, I think I need to reprioritize my debts, so that it's not such a guessing game whenever I have extra money. Here are my debt sources: Credit Card -… Continue reading Debt Snowball: Status Update

Monthly Updates

Putting Your Money to Work

"A dollar saved is a dollar earned." As I sit here and fine-tune my August budget, I run up against a familiar dilemma. Do I leave the money in my checking account as a sort of cushion, or do I make an even bigger payment on my debt? I mentioned in a previous post that I made… Continue reading Putting Your Money to Work

Monthly Updates

July Update / August Goals

July is going well. My main goal this month is to put as much money as I can into my private loan as I'd like to be done with that sucker by September. I only have $460 left, and I can't wait to make that final payment. For July I paid a total of $456.32… Continue reading July Update / August Goals

Debt Management

The Budget Buster

Credit Cards. Ugh. In all honesty, I grew up in a financially savvy household. I knew better than to get into credit card debt. I knew how quickly interest added to your principal and ballooned your minimum payments. Yet, I did it anyway. I closed my eyes and used my credit card. I could give… Continue reading The Budget Buster


Budgeting Basics

You have your goals, you have the determination, but what about your budget? It is not possible to accomplish your financial goals without knowing where your money is going. You. Need. A. Budget. The best way to get an understanding of where you're spending your money currently, and what you may need to budget for… Continue reading Budgeting Basics